Vlogs, Blogs, and Dogs.


My first vlog went up a few days ago on my Youtube channel. I’d love it if you all checked it out. I’ll be posting vlogs periodically on weekends when I have time. In the mean time, check back to my blog for more on Creative Writing, I Had to Find My Angel,  and more!

I thought about my dog today. He died while I was away from home, and I never got to say goodbye. Although he didn’t like me much, and although I hadn’t seen him in half a year, I know I’ll miss him forever. It happens in life, sometimes; we never seem to get that closure with the ones we love. We always wish we had just one more chance to talk to them, just to stress how much we cared and how we’d never forget them.


Write about someone that was once close to you that you lost. It can be a person, pet, or even a stuffed animal. Explain how the loss affected you, how you got over it, and how it changed you. Then, write a hypothetical scenario in which you got to talk with them one last time. What would you say? How would you act?

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